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I've been noticing your edits on this Wiki. Unfortunately, you're one of the few around here so I'd like to thank you personally. :) I noticed that you recently changed the size of some pictures on the articles. That was a good suggestion and I intend to use that from now on. Do you help in many Wikis with languages other than English? Just curiosity. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 24 shtator 2018 22:53 (UTC)

I often poke around in newly created wikis, fixing any obvious problems I see. (Sometimes that can lead to a ton of edits, if the problem is particularly widespread.) Usually the only reason I'd be looking at wikis in languages I don't read is to help track article counts (and other stats) at m:Wikimedia News. My recent edits here (in the last few days) came as a result of this wiki passing the 100-article milestone. I wasn't sure if the milestone was "legit" or merely because you had tagged a bunch of articles as needing improvement. (So that led to this edit, to make sure that wasn't the cause.) BTW, the "upright" parameter that I've used in my last couple of edits makes the image a bit narrower than it would have been using "thumb" (I see you've been avoiding formatting the images as "thumbnails" — presumably to avoid having to specify an image caption?). If you want to use "upright" to scale the image to a reasonable size but not make it narrower than the default thumbnail size, you can use "upright=1". If you want to adjust the scaling factor "manually", use "upright=number", where number is a number bigger than 1 (e.g., "1.2") or a decimal number smaller than 1 (e.g., ".7" or "0.7"). This allows you to scale the image as big or small as you want (relative to each viewer's default thumbnail-size) without having to commit to a specific pixel count. Using "upright" without a number is equivalent to "upright=.75". - dcljr (diskutimet) 25 shtator 2018 01:57 (UTC)
I understand. Actually, yes. That was exactly the reason i was trying to avoid thumbnails. These days I've set up a standard for articles to follow in ND:AR and I've started a process of standardization for old articles hoping to set up an example for new editors to use (since they usually copy old articles for style guidance instead of reading help pages). Among other things, I've specified in the article above that the images should be frameless because of the reason you mentioned and for aesthetic reasons. I've been hardcoding pixels ever since to make the image not get over the opening part of the article but I reverted all my changes to "upright" and I'm using that parameter from now on. On most of the cases the image looks fine. On some cases it still gets over the opening part of the article but I guessed that could be solved in the future if the article gets a bigger opening part. But now I'll try to use the numbers you mentioned and see if that can solve that. So, thanks again, I guess. :P By the way, was the "100 article" milestone real? - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 27 shtator 2018 14:28 (UTC)
I'm not sure, but I don't think so. Special:PrefixIndex lists 199 non-redirect pages in the main namespace and yet Special:DeadendPages (5-day-old cached information) says there are (or were) 133 main-namespace pages that don't link to any other pages on the wiki (using "internal-style" [[wikilinks]]). This would seem to imply that the article count should be around 66. And yet Special:Statistics is claiming 192 articles. As far as I can tell, this wiki only counts the main namespace as content, so unless you or someone else has gone around in the last 5 days adding links to dozens of articles that didn't have any before, I can't explain the discrepancy. I guess we'll find out for sure when the wiki statistics gets recounted on October 1st. - dcljr (diskutimet) 28 shtator 2018 08:29 (UTC)
I'm not very good with that process so please tell me on that date. Just curious to know if we have reached that milestone for real or not. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 28 shtator 2018 14:00 (UTC)
Klein Muçi: Forgot to reply until now. At the beginning of this month, this wiki went down from 191 to 57 articles, but it happened on October 2nd or 3rd (search for "Albanian" on that page), rather than October 1st. Weird. Anyway, the current article count is 54, as I type this comment. This counts pages in the main namespace that contain at least one [[wikilink]] (to another page on this wiki). Adding such links to the pages listed at Special:DeadendPages should increase the count. Most wikilinks I've seen in articles on this wiki are to names of people (note that links to Wikipedia articles don't count for determining whether a page here gets counted as an article), but you could start linking more words inside of quotes to the topics being referred to (like aftësia) to increase the count. - dcljr (diskutimet) 7 tetor 2018 04:03 (UTC)